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 PKNE #6 "L'orizzonte degli eventi" - Dates available

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PostSubject: PKNE #6 "L'orizzonte degli eventi" - Dates available   Thu Dec 28, 2017 6:49 pm

Hello everyone,

for those who are still reading in this forum, it seems the release dates for the 6th story in the PK New Era universe are out: March 7th to April 4th 2018

Name of the story (in Italian): L'orizzonte degli eventi
Translation: Event Horizon (at least my Google Translate interpretation of that)

A few links on that even though I cannot post them as links due to the forum rules (7 days no external links):
Wiki about PK in Italian (that's where I got the dates from)

Italian Nerd website (my guess) with spoiler graphic:
Google for "L'orizzonte degli eventi" Paperinik Nerdplanet
--> They released a few spoiler graphics

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PKNE #6 "L'orizzonte degli eventi" - Dates available
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